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Type : Passive
Health : 

Drops : 0-1 Wool if killed, 1-3 if sheared

Sheep are passive mobs that is useful to obtain Wool. They were the first mob added to Minecraft Pocket Edition . Wool can be dyed different colors to obtain colored wool


Sheep can be dyed by holding and tapping the Sheep using a Dye. If Sheared or killed aftre being dyed, They drop the color of wool they ar dyed. but some of them will spawn naturally with a dyed color.


Shears can be used tp shave a Sheep's wool off, giving the player 1 - 3 wool, and the sheep will look bare. The wool will grow back when the Sheep consumes the grass on the Grass Block


Sheep are attracted toward equipped wheat and can be breed to a baby Sheep of one of the parents colors will spawn. Although some colors will mix to create a new color for example. if the player breeds a red Sheep and a yellow Sheep togeher. the baby will be an orange Sheep. Color mix does not apply to all Sheep pairings.


  • Version Exclusive: The Sheep's facial wool color changes when the Sheep is dyed.
  • A 'Shear' button was added in Update 0.9.0.
  • Before this, players would often accidentally punch Sheep when shearing them.
  • White is the most common wool color͵ while darker colors are rarer. Pink Sheeps are the rarest with a 0.164% chance of naturally spawning.
  • In Update 0.15.0, Sheep will drop Mutton.
  • When a Sheep eats from a grass block, it will turn into Dirt.
  • Baby Sheep cannot eat wheat, although they will be attracted to it.
  • If the Player names a sheep "jeb_", its wool will go through the color spectrum.
  • The Sheep is the first mob that was added to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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