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The Wolves

The Wolves

 Health : 
Wild :
Tamed :
 Attack Strength :
Wild :
 Tamed :
 Drops : None

The Wolves are Neutral mobs, player can tame them by feeding them Bones. They were first tameable mob in the game.

Wild wolves spawn in Taiga,Plains, and Forest blomes. They wander aimlessly, but will sometimes coordinate and kill Sheep, Skeletons,and Rabbits. When doing so, they will gain the appearance of aggressive Wolves.

Wild Wolves may turn hostile toward the player if they. or nearby wolves, are attacked. Aggressive Wolves have red eyes and black patches on their fur.And their tail is raised higher than a wild wolves.

Wolves drop 3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Tamed Wolves can breed using any type of meat if their health is fully restored, including Rooten Flesh, Which will not poison them. When breeding, a puppy will spawns, which is already tamed.

Wolves cannot be breed until they are tamed.

Tamed Wolves attack any mob the player attacks or  attacks the player, and will attempt to kill it. The Wolves can kill Skeletons, Zombies and Spides, but will troubled against Creepers and Endermen, the former due to their explosive power and the later due to their high health and teleporting ability.

Standing tamed wolves will wander randomly when near their owner, but will follow if more than 10 blocks away and if the player is 12 blocks away the wolves will teleport to a nearby free blocks. teleports is use to rescue them form any lava or waters and pits beside making travel easier.
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