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TNT is an explosive block that can destroy Blocks within Small radius when primed.to activating a TNT you can use.
  • Flint and steel
  • Shooting it with a flame enchanted bow or an arrow that is passing through lava
  • Using redstone as a power source
  • Lava or fire nearby
  • Using a fire Charge in update 0.15.0
  • Dispensing TNT out of a Dispenser

You can use TNT to:

  • Clearing a large area of land
  • As a way to kill mobs
  • for resource finding purposes
  • to set up a trap
  • as both the propellant and ammunition fo a TNT Cannon

Notes :

  • TNT explosions are larger than a Creeper's.
  • In Creative, TNT was only ignitable using lava before Update 0.8.0.
  • Endermen can pick up TNT, but if it's primed, they will immediately drop it.
                   - This is because primed TNT is not counted as a block, but as an entity, thus it is 'dropped'.
                   - If the Enderman drops TNT, it will explode immediately.
  • TNT can be lit underwater; however, blocks cannot be destroyed by TNT underwater.
                    - It will still damage surrounding entities and players.
  • TNT obeys gravity when ignited.
                    - It will move slightly when ignited as well.
  • TNT is affected by flowing water when ignited, but not by flowing lava.
  • Blowing up TNT next to other TNT will immediately toss the nearby TNT into the air and prime it to explode in a briefer time limit than normal TNT time.
  • During an early version of the game, blowing up TNT while it was next to another TNT block would crash your game, and create a crater. This was fixed the update after that.
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