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Zombie can pursue any players and will attack by swinging their arms at their target. they deal more damage when injured and will set other players on fire. On hard difficulty, Zombies are able to break down Wooden Doors.


Zombies drop 0 - 2 Rotten Flesh, 0 - 1 Carrot, 0 - 1 Potato, or an Iron Ingot (about 2.5% chance), When killed with a tool, the chance will increase depending on the level of Looting Enchantment( about 1% per level), and from these drops, the player can use a Dungeon that has a Zombie Spawner to obtain Carrots and Potatoes


Zombies have a chance of spawning with Armor ad/or Weapons. This makes them stronger, and if they have a helmet, they will not burn in sunlight

In a Hard difficulty, if the villagers attacks by the zombies they will turns into a Zombie Villager, but the chance is smaller in lower difficulties, zombie villager can turn back to villagers by feeding them golden apple.

Combat/ Survival

to kil zombies easily you can use sword preferably stone sword or a bow, you can also fighting large groups of zombies. it is also effective to use Splash Potions of healing to kill large, clustered groups.

if confronted with a large amount of zombies, there are pretty much 4 things you can do.

you can fight by hitting the zombies one at a time or you'll be able to keep them all away from you. if there are still too many coming too close, walking backwards often helps.

Zombies run very slow, by running 17 blocks away from them, the zombies will lose interest and stop following.

if you want to keep them from your base, lighting up your base and its surroundings is often enough to prevent them from spawning and to prevent any zombies outside the light areas to wander far enought to your base.


Raids often happen in the villages at night. A mob of zombies will spawn and they'll try to break down the doors and kills the villagers. their only defence are iron golems roaming the village, which will automatically engage any hostility.

Baby Zombies

There is a variants of zombies which have a 5% chance to spawn in place of any regular zombies. it's called a baby zombie. they run faster than the player, and do not burn in sunlight, which makes them more deadly.

Baby Zombies have a 15% chace of spawning as a Jockey on. an adult Zombie, a Spider, a Chicken, a Cow, an angry Wolf, a Pig, a Sheep or an Ocelot.

They will rarely spawn with a weapon, or armor, which will be smaller than usual.
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